‘Gomorrah’ Filmmakers Cast Dane DeHaan for Roberto Saviano Adaptation ‘ZeroZeroZero’

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If you’re a fan of the Italian television series Gomorrah, get ready for a brand new production about international cocaine distribution. Today, Dane DeHaan was officially announced as a cast member for ZeroZeroZero, set to premiere in 2019 on Amazon.

Based on Roberto Saviano’s 2013 book Zero Zero Zero, the eight-episode series will explore how the cocaine industry affects the world economy by following a container ship’s global route. Per Deadline, Gomorrah director Stefano Sollima will lead the project, which will also examine various organized crime organizations, including the Mexican cartel and the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta in Italy. ZeroZeroZero will shoot in New Orleans, Mexico, Africa and Italy.

While Gomorrah features Italians and focuses mostly on its Neapolitan setting, ZeroZeroZero will feature more recognizable faces for North American audiences. DeHaan, a 32-year-old American, played James Dean in Anton Corbijn’s 2015 film Life, and he most recently starred in Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness (2016) and Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017). Andrea Riseborough was previously announced as a cast member, and she’s mostly known for her supporting role in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman (2014) and for award-winning performances in British independent films like Brighton Rock (2010) and Shadow Dancer (2012). The veteran Irish actor Gabriel Byrne was also cast. Along with Amazon, ZeroZeroZero will premiere on Canal+ and Sky Italia.

As a fan of previous Saviano adaptations, I’m excited to see what Sollima does with ZeroZeroZero. Gomorrah, the TV series, shares narrative themes with HBO’s The Wire by examining various aspects of crime within a specific city. But with ZeroZeroZero, he’ll be able to connect the dots on a larger level for naive viewers while incorporating classic gangster elements for genre fans.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.


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