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Waves 2019 Movie - Film Review

TIFF 2019 Review: On the Spiritual Strivings of Trey Edward Shults’ ‘Waves’

“For a story that engages with tough, thorny questions of redemption and reconciliation, it’s a welcome development to have a filmmaker look upwards, not inwards.”

Ari Aster Essay - Hereditary

Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’: Hollow Horror

“What’s truly terrifying about ‘Hereditary’ is how empty it really is.”

Vague Visages Writers’ Room: Weekend Vibes 4.6.18

Weekend Vibes is a Friday column about streaming recommendations, new release hype and entertainment events. 

It Comes at Night Movie Essay - 2017 Trey Edward Shults Film

‘It Comes at Night’ and the Trouble with Horror Movies That Don’t Fit Into a Genre-Specific Box

“The genius of ‘It Comes at Night’ is that its monsters are, for the most part, human.”

The Insular Visions of ‘Krisha’

“It’s too late to force her way back to a seat at the table. She should have never tried to get closer.”