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Spectatorship and the Camera: Sophie Hyde’s ’52 Tuesdays’

“With a masterful sense of direction, ’52 Tuesdays’ triumphs by turning the camera around to create a self-reflexive and unique film.”

Two Drink Minimum: Emmys 2016 – Progress Comes Quicker with Comedy

“The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards have helped shake up the industry with its most explicitly progressive and comedic self-congratulating.”

Closer to Fine: ‘Transparent’ 2.6-2.10 (Recap)

“The show is moving without being sappy, fast-paced without feeling like it runs at anything other than the speed of life, and insightful without being driven by political messages.”

An Intimate Family Portrait: ‘Transparent’ Episode Recaps 2.1-2.5

“Building on the impressive groundwork laid by Season One, the first half of the new season provides a closer look at the trials and tribulations of the Pfefferman clan and also zooms out, giving Transparent both an emotional claustrophobia and a wide canvas.”

Dudley’s World: The Unpopular Opinion – Movies Should Be Longer

“At its best, film allows viewers to see the world through another person’s eyes, and to live for a fleeting moment in somewhere unexpected and beautiful, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the purity of that moment could last a just little bit longer?”

The Golden Globes Disservice to TV’s Best Supporting Actor/Actress Categories

VV’s Alamin Yohannes: “With the increase in television shows and amazing talents being showcased, this Golden Globes category is borderline criminal.”