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Blindspots: The Night Of ‘The Call of the Wild’ (Recap)

“For supposed ‘prestige TV,’ ‘The Night Of’ is simply lazy.”

Chekhov’s Dogma: The Night Of ‘The Beach’ (Recap)

“The episode stumbles by dogmatically adhering to Chekhov’s gun more than is necessary or beneficial, but the talents of Zaillian, Price and the cast still give ‘The Night Of’ an excellent start.”

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Rediscovering ‘The Secret Garden’

Josh Slater-Williams on the Nostalgic Element of Agnieszka Holland’s 1993 Film

Dudley’s World: The Unpopular Opinion – Movies Should Be Longer

“At its best, film allows viewers to see the world through another person’s eyes, and to live for a fleeting moment in somewhere unexpected and beautiful, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the purity of that moment could last a just little bit longer?”

Vague Visages’ Q.V. Hough and Max Bledstein Discuss ‘Narcos’

A Conversation about Netflix’s Polarizing Series

Limited Omniscience: ‘Narcos’ Episodes 1.1-1.5

“Netflix’s new series Narcos begins with a quote regarding the birth of magical realism, and its point of emphasis reveals quite a bit about the series it precedes.”