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New Nightmares: ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ and the Meaning of Horror Movies

“‘Freddy vs. Jason’ is — like almost all horror movies — a signpost for the anxieties of an era, looking much like the prestige horror movies of today will look from the vantage point of the next decade.”

We Belong Dead: Immortality and Mourning in Boris Karloff’s Monster Movies

“Imhotep, like the Monster, has come from the dead, and this informs the ways in which he relates to the living. More importantly, it impacts the ways in which he relates to death and mortality.”

‘American Made’: Cruising into Character

“One doesn’t expect an immediate return to iconic roles like Vincent Lauria or T.J. Mackey, but hopefully Barry Seal is just the start.”

Two Drink Minimum: The Rock and ‘Central Intelligence’ – When Wit Gets Ripped

“Would we like The Rock as much if he wasn’t shredded like taco lettuce?”