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Colin Biggs

Bylines appear in Birth.Movies.Death, Little White Lies, Movie Mezzanine, and Screen Crush among other outlets. He also serves as a member of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society. You can follow him on Twitter at @wordsbycbiggs.

The Nest Movie Film

Review: Sean Durkin’s ‘The Nest’

“Nothing presented in ‘The Nest’ will radically alter the viewer’s perception of the family unit, marriage or even greed, but Durkin’s film suggests that is indeed the point.”

The Rental Movie Film

Review: Dave Franco’s ‘The Rental’

“The ideas present are intriguing, however The Rental’s ultimate staying power is questionable.”

Get Out 2017 Movie - Film Essay

Could Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Break Horror’s Dry Spell at the Oscars?

“Art is a product of its time; is it Get Out’s fault that the time mostly resembles a horror production?”

Review: Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’

“If indeed this is Day-Lewis’ swan song, ‘Phantom Thread’ is the crowning achievement of a monumental career.”

Review: Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Molly’s Game’

“For a film that prides itself on being ‘based on a true story,’ ‘Molly’s Game’ often relies on moments that are too coincidental, too easy. Yet, there’s nothing here to suggest that Sorkin won’t eventually figure things out behind the camera.”

‘American Made’: Cruising into Character

“One doesn’t expect an immediate return to iconic roles like Vincent Lauria or T.J. Mackey, but hopefully Barry Seal is just the start.”

Review: Ariel Vromen’s ‘Criminal’

“Regretfully, ‘Criminal’ makes up for its lack of ideas with blood, guts and even more blood.”

Review: Robert Budreau’s ‘Born to Be Blue’

“Budreau is smart enough to illuminate the non-existent divide between the master performer and the man who sticks a needle in his arms, as Baker knows that he needs to stay clean to keep working, but only heroin can numb the pain.”

It’s Time to Retire ‘Overrated’

“It’s understandable for viewers to call something ‘overrated’ when they feel let down, however, critics should strike the word from their vocabularies.”