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Vague Visages Writers’ Room: 2017’s Under the Radar Films

In the Vague Visages Writers’ Room on Facebook, freelancers were asked to comment about their favorite under the radar films of 2017. Enjoy!

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Jeremy Carr on Louis Malle’s ‘Black Moon’

“Communication — or the lack thereof — is key to ‘Black Moon.’”

Review: Azazel Jacobs’ ‘The Lovers’

“According to Jacobs, romantic love is a negative equation wherein passion plus time equals complacency.”

The Lovers Movie Essay - 1958 Louis Malle Film

The Moreau Files: ‘The Lovers’

“It is incredible to think that Malle was only 25 years old when he made ‘The Lovers,’ as it seems to hold the wisdom and erotic impulses of a much older man.”