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An Ode to Alice Lowe’s Performance in Her Feature Directorial Debut ‘Prevenge’

“As any great piece of cinema should evoke in the viewer, Alice Lowe’s electric performance in ‘Prevenge’ makes one laugh, cry and shriek in terror.”

Review: Joachim Trier’s ‘Thelma’

“It’s an odd little film, more melancholy and plaintive than outright scary or troubling, that slowly crawls under your skin.”

Fantasia Film Festival 2017 Wrap-Up: My Festival vs. Your Festival

“I can’t make any grand pronouncements or bold proclamations, except that I need to either learn to read program descriptions more critically or invest in a plane ticket to Montreal next July.”

No Exit: Access and Isolation in Babak Anvari’s ‘Under the Shadow’

“‘Under the Shadow’ is an admirable film, albeit not wholly original.”

Fantastic Fest 2016: Cannibalism and Competition – On ‘Toni Erdmann’ and ‘Raw’

“At Fantastic Fest, that hard truth can be funny or frightening depending on which auditorium you enter.”