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Aspics and Cocktails: FEUD ‘Pilot’ (Recap)

“What could be a simple dramatization of events is given the potential to deviate from reality; to acknowledge that truth through gossip is rarely what it seems to be.”

Two Drink Minimum: Amazon Pilot Reviews

Jacob Oller on ‘The Tick,’ ‘I Love Dick’ and ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’

Preacher Recap: ‘Pilot’ and ‘See’

“It’s clear from the early stages of ‘Preacher’ that Rogen, Goldberg and Catlin are going to be taking a deliberate pace with the material.”

Recap: Vinyl ‘Pilot’

“Trying to divine the future of a series from its pilot is a fool’s errand, and even more so when so much of the show’s appeal as yet rests in the ‘in nomini patris, et filis, et cinema sancta amen’ passion of its director, the cinema’s most charismatic priest.”

Amazon Comedy Pilot Reviews: ‘Salem Rogers’ and ‘Down Dog’

“Amazon’s new comedy pilots have their share of problems, although the underdog stories may appeal to the masses. I’m giving the upper hand to Down Dog.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘Cocked’

“Cocked is not all bad, as there is a great family drama in there somewhere.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘The Man in the High Castle’

“Film series like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games boast a visually interesting world that draws us in, which is also present in The Man in the High Castle pilot.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘Point of Honor’

“Amazon Studios’ new war drama has everything it needs for a fun series about young people, but the execution falls short.”