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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: In Celebration of Dramatic Women

“Through all of these corny musical numbers, the rom-com scenarios, and the outrageous ‘I Love Lucy’ levels of scheming, I find myself relating to Rebecca against the odds.”

The Conversation: Introduction and Mike Nichols’ ‘The Graduate’

A conversation on cinema between film critics Drew Morton, Landon Palmer and Justine A. Smith.

Dudley’s World: My Summer with ‘Seinfeld’

Dudley’s World is a Vague Visages column by Jordan Brooks.

Alison Brie Shines in ‘Sleeping with Other People’

“Headland’s screenplay fires a couple of blanks, which serves to only highlight some of the more token traditional rom-com tropes still on offer here. That said, when Sleeping with Other People does hit — which is a lot of the time — it’s an invigorating spicing up of formula; a winning balance of hedonism and heart that’s unapologetic about either quality.”

Love in the Time of Cabiria

An Essay by Kyle Turner

Recap: Mad Men ‘Lost Horizon’

“Don Draper is clearly experiencing some type of reawakening, and he can’t jump from a New York City skyscraper if he doesn’t go back. Next week’s episode of Mad Men is titled ‘The Milk and Honey Route’ — a reference to life as a hobo.”

A Hero of Our Time: Mad Men ‘The Forecast’ (Precap)

“The end is coming for both Mad Men and its anti-hero, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Don’s final breath comes during a heroic moment.”

A Man Alone: Mad Men ‘Severance’ (Recap)

“The beginning of Mad Men’s final flight enforced the idea that individuals may physically change but outward appearances don’t always reflect the inner-self.”