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The Beach Bum Movie Review - 2019 Harmony Korine Film

Review: Harmony Korine’s ‘The Beach Bum’

“‘The Beach Bum’ is undoubtedly Harmony Korine’s friendliest movie, as the filmmaker tones down his Jean-Luc Godard meets John Waters envelope-pushing tendencies and alienating techniques, yet there’s still a lot of edge to be found in the film.”

Joel Potrykus and Slacker Cinema

“Joel Potrykus has emerged as one of Michigan’s brightest sons.”

Provincetown International Film Festival Review: Andrew Neel’s ‘Goat’

“‘Even if Neel makes a lousy ‘Final Girl,’ ‘Goat’ is an excellent monster movie, where the monster is toxic masculinity itself.”

Review: David Gordon Green’s ‘Manglehorn’

“Seldom more than a vehicle for Pacino to exercise his considerable (and still active) talents, Manglehorn is a string of engaging and breathtaking images that, when strung together, become a subdued meandering plot devoid of any real meaning.”