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Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Marshall Shaffer on Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Silence of God’ Trilogy

“I’m convinced that understanding the progression is a crucial bridge in any attempt to understand how the two distinct portions of Bergman’s filmography interact.”

‘A Serious Man,’ the Goy’s Teeth and the Coenesque

“When we watch the films, we can be Larry — agonising over ‘feeling the question’ — or we can be Sussman, content not to know but still enjoying the experience.”

Album Review: Migos ‘Culture’

“‘Culture’ could already be described as a career-defining work, except Migos’ career is still being defined.”

Preacher Recap: ‘Call and Response’

Ryan E. Johnson on the season finale of AMC’s ‘Preacher.’

Preacher Recap: ‘Pilot’ and ‘See’

“It’s clear from the early stages of ‘Preacher’ that Rogen, Goldberg and Catlin are going to be taking a deliberate pace with the material.”

Review: Corbin Bernsen’s ‘Christian Mingle’ (Netflix)

“Like a lot of reality television, ‘Christian Mingle’ is funny for hateful reasoning that displays damaging, scary facets of our culture.”