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On Mimi Parker, ‘HEY WHAT’ and the Elevations of Low

“The lasting effect of Low’s music has never been more present than on ‘HEY WHAT.'”

White Noise Review - 2022 Noah Baumbach Netflix Movie Film

London Film Festival Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’

“At its best, Noah Baumbach’s impressive and thoroughly decent adaptation of ‘White Noise’ interestingly discusses people’s relatable ownership of secrets yet complete inability to internalize them.”

One Fine Morning Review - 2022 Mia Hansen-Løve Movie Film

London Film Festival Review: Mia Hansen-Løve’s ‘One Fine Morning’

“‘One Fine Morning’ is an exercise in comparatively calm, delicate cinema. It balances serenity with pathos and never strays from realism, in contradistinction to Hansen-Løve’s previous film — the highly metafictional, altogether more playful ‘Bergman Island.'”

LCD Soundsystem Essay - Band Legacy

The Enduring Legacy of LCD Soundsystem

“LCD Soundsystem’s enduring legacy has always perhaps been inevitable, not least because of the way that they make music ABOUT legacy, thematically and lyrically.”

Better Call Saul Essay - Obsessional Neurosis

‘Better Call Saul’ and Mechanisms of Obsessional Neurosis

“‘Better Call Saul’ is ultimately an interesting case study of adjacency that points to a more sustainable prequel model that television in general might wish to use in future.”

The Humans Movie Essay - 2021 Stephen Karam Film

Finding Clarity in Claustrophobia: ‘Mass’ and ‘The Humans’

“In ‘Mass’ and ‘The Humans,’ the single location is used as a platform for ideas that seek universal understanding and collective empathy.”

Ants from Up There Essay - 2022 Black Country, New Road Album

Both the Sum and the Parts: Black 
Country, New Road’s ‘Ants from Up There’

“Black Country, New Road’s ‘Ants from Up There’ feels like a landmark moment in contemporary British alternative rock music.”

Titane Review - 2021 Movie

Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’: Influence, (Sur)Realism and the Avant-Garde

“Ducournau’s approach to cinematic lineage and influence in ‘Titane’ is a complicated one, as she develops her singular filmmaking style into something even more evasive and intricate than in ‘Raw.'”

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Movie Film

The Great Unknown: Reading ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Alongside Homer’s ‘Odyssey’

“If Ferris Bueller and his day off resemble something else universal, it is liberation. In the context of the journey, this is best understood as the ability to be in transit.”