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Spectatorship and the Camera: Sophie Hyde’s ’52 Tuesdays’

“With a masterful sense of direction, ’52 Tuesdays’ triumphs by turning the camera around to create a self-reflexive and unique film.”

Review: Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Demolition’

“Neatly tied resolutions and dime-a-dozen aphorisms feel as fleeting and immaterial as a television drama, while any lasting impression must be hard-fought and pried from between the lines of the script.”

FNC 2015 Review: ‘Blonde aux yeux bleus’ (Pascal Plante, 2015)

“Blonde aux yeux bleus never feels anything but natural and organic, and it is working in the service of great and contradictory emotions.”


FOX’s ‘Gracepoint’ Keeps Getting Better

Four episodes in, FOX’s Gracepoint continues to reel me in with outstanding visuals, excellent pacing and perhaps the best all-around cast on television.