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Fungus II Review - Wasted Shirt Album

Album Review: Wasted Shirt ‘Fungus II’

“‘Fungus II’ is another reminder that not only is Segall one of the most hard-working and talented artists of the last decade, but also a genuine musical omnivore.”

Stonechild Review - 2019 Jesca Hoop Album

Album Review: Jesca Hoop ‘Stonechild’

“It’s a cruel world, but with music like this around, we are never truly alone.”

Album Review: Ioanna Gika ‘Thalassa’

“Ioanna Gika has evolved from a promising artist to a fully-fledged talent to be reckoned with. Her uncommon, authentic voice has been sorely missed; it’s good to have her back.”

Album Review: Ty Segall & Freedom Band ‘Deforming Lobes’

“There is nothing quite like a Ty Segall show. Witnessing this talented wunderkind and his equally spectacular band in a live setting is nothing short of mind-blowing (and eardrum-rupturing, for that matter).”

Album Review: Ty Segall ‘Fudge Sandwich’

“‘Fudge Sandwich’ is the kind of album that provides listeners with a new favorite track every day, no small feat for a collection of cover tunes.”

Album Review: GØGGS ‘Pre Strike Sweep’

“At 30 minutes, ‘Pre Strike Sweep’ doesn’t overstay its welcome, but instead leaves its listeners looking for the “repeat” button. Don’t make the mistake of thinking GØGGS is a mere vanity project for its members; this is the real deal.”

Album Review: Iceage ‘Beyondless’

“At times, ‘Beyondless’ is overwhelming in the scope of its genius, but the chord progressions that Johan Surrballe Wieth has conjured are something divine.”

Album Review: Drinks ‘Hippo Lite’

“The music of Drinks is uncategorizable, yet addictive. For those who crave something that genuinely challenges the ears, ‘Hippo Lite’ is a real find.”

Vague Visages Writers’ Room: Favorite Films, Albums and Books of 2017

Vague Visages Writers on Their Favorite 2017 Releases

Album Review: INVSN ‘The Beautiful Stories’

“INVSN may not make the music that flawed people deserve, but it’s definitely the music that we all need right now.”

Playlist Review: Drake ‘More Life’

“By taking the pressure off himself, Drake has freed himself up to produce his most spry, self-assured work yet.”

Album Review: Ryan Adams ‘Prisoner’

“The songs on ‘Prisoner’ seem shackled to the chains of (unrequited) love.”

Album Review: The Raveonettes ‘2016 Atomized’

“‘2016 Atomized’ is an apt title for an album full of songs that are obsessed with nuclear and romantic annihilation, each track a finely distilled blast of musical essence from The Raveonettes’ particularly heady bouquet.”

Album Review: Ty Segall ‘Ty Segall’

“A greatest hits package featuring brand new material. Sell that, Time Life!”

Album Review: Jay Som ‘Turn Into’

“‘Turn Into’ is a throwback to the “guitar record”; this is a hook-driven, lushly layered experience; guitar tone as mood enhancer.”

Album Review: Childish Gambino ‘Awaken, My Love!’

“AML is giant leap forward, as the juvenile raps/punchlines of previous records are replaced with deep-felt yearning.”