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TIFF 2018 Review: Felix Van Groeningen’s ‘Beautiful Boy’

“‘Beautiful Boy’ occasionally veers into prevention video territory, but the despair and forced acceptance that David goes through show a side of fatherhood that cinema rarely confronts. Sometimes, your child has to help himself.”

Devious Dialogues: Mike Thorn and Anya Stanley on the ‘Psycho’ Franchise

“I’ll even go so far as to say that the sequel is just as satisfying as the original, in my eyes.”

Andy Muschietti’s ‘It’ Struggles with Adaptation

“As an adaptation of a great 20th century novel, ‘It’ completely misses the mark.”

Devious Dialogues: Mike Thorn and Anya Stanley on Stephen King’s ‘It’

“It’s a good year to be a Constant Reader.”

The Bottom Line: Q.V. Hough, Jeremy Carr, Bill Arceneaux and Peter Bell on ‘V for Vendetta’

Vague Visages Chat Transcript

Cyberflunk 2017: Rupert Sanders’ ‘Ghost in the Shell’

“One of the hallmarks of good cyberpunk is the exploration of humanity in a post-modern world where technology is the dominant force. This philosophical probe falls short in Rupert Sanders’ ‘Ghost in the Shell.'”

Jacques Tardi Adaptation ‘April and the Extraordinary World’ Offers a Thrilling Alternate History

“The extraordinary world of April and the Extraordinary World is no simple one, and it’s welcome that its worldview veers away from the simplistic.”

Review: Terence Davies’ ‘Sunset Song’

“Featuring a standout performance from Agyness Dean and some of the best landscape photography since Mr. Turner, Sunset Song strikes a balance between toil and ecstasy that is at once overwhelming and completely uplifting.”