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Synchronic Movie Film

Review: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s ‘Synchronic’

“Benson and Moorhead’s typically dark, cynical tone is well-suited to the material until a too-neat ending tries to retcon ‘Synchronic’ into something else in the most jarring way possible.”

Dylan Moses Griffin’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Dylan Moses Griffin has been a cinephile for as long as he can remember. His favorite film is Taxi Driver, and he reads the works of Roger Ebert like it’s scripture. If you want, he will talk to you for 30 minutes about the chronologically weird/amazing Fast and […]

Ambitious and Flawed: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s ‘Spring’

“At a certain point, and you’ll know when, the dialogue takes a dramatic turn; it’s almost as if Benson decided to use every pre-production joke centered around a most obvious plot point.”