Category: 2014 Film Essays

Big Eyes Movie Review - 2014 Tim Burton Film

An Attractive Fraction: Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

“‘Big Eyes’ could have become an Oscar contender with more focus on Adams in the final act, rather than a shift towards the public bravado of Waltz’s Walter Keane.”

The Interview Movie Review - 2014 Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen Film

The Great Enunciation: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s ‘The Interview’

“The frat house formula doesn’t quite work well enough for ‘The Interview’ to become a modern comedic classic.”

Unbroken Movie Review - 2014 Angelina Jolie Film

An Unfortunate Case of Severe Holiday Melodrama: Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’

“Jolie didn’t make a bad movie, and ‘Unbroken’ might have even won Best Picture 20 years ago, but you can’t throw the star under the bus — especially in a biopic — and let the antagonist destroy one of the most powerful scenes.”

Wild Movie Review - 2014 Jean-Marc Vallée Film

A ‘Boyhood’ Alternative and Potential Oscar Outcast: Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Wild’

“Witherspoon delivers a powerhouse performance in ‘Wild.'”

Goodbye to All That Movie Review - 2014 Angus MacLachlan Film

Some Like It Hot (and Hilarious): Angus MacLachlan’s ‘Goodbye to All That’

“Angus MacLachlan’s ‘Goodbye to All That’ is a witty romance with real-life consequences for millennials to consider.”

Copenhagen Movie Review - 2014 Mark Raso Film

The Surprise Gem of 2014: Mark Raso’s ‘Copenhagen’

“‘Copenhagen’ surprised me like no other film in 2014…”

Hellaware Movie Review - 2013 Michael M. Bilandic Film

Waiting for the Inevitable: Michael M. Bilandic’s ‘Hellaware’

“An additional 30 minutes would have benefitted ‘Hellaware,’ as Bilandic’s characters unfortunately lack substance, much like his weak portrayal of rural America.”

Comet Movie Review - 2014 Sam Esmail Film

The Elegant Ingenuity of Sam Esmail’s ‘Comet’

“With ‘Comet,’ Sam Esmail offers a fresh take on romance and allows his stars to shine with ingenuous performances.”

We Are Mari Pepa Movie Review - 2013 Samuel Kishi Film

Reality Unleashed in Samuel Kishi’s ‘We Are Mari Pepa’ (2013)

“The more outlandish the dialogue becomes, the more Kishi highlights his tight screenwriting with co-scribe Sofía Gómez-Córdova.”

From The Archive: James Cagney Innovates Mischievous Smirking in ‘Lady Killer’

Q.V. Hough Reviews the 1933 Roy Del Ruth Film

From The Archive: Booze and Bad Choices in Robert Gist’s ‘An American Dream’ (1966)

Q.V. Hough on Robert Gist’s Lone Feature Film

On the Job Movie Review - 2013 Erik Matti Film

A Most Violent Trade: Erik Matti’s ‘On the Job’

“Matti shows no fear by destroying genre cliches in ‘On the Job,’ and his wandering camera opens up the world of Metro Manila while expressing how utterly disposable humans can be under corrupt leadership.”

‘Nightcrawler’ and the Etiquette of Hollywood Transplants

Q.V. Hough on Nightcrawler and the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

From The Archive: Jacques Tourneur Utilizes Physical Space for Suspense in ‘Cat People’

Q.V. Hough reviews “Cat People” – now streaming on Warner Archive Instant.

Café de Flore Movie Review - 2011 Jean-Marc Vallée Film

Review: Jean-Marc Vallée Creates Mystical Vibe in ‘Café de Flore’

Q.V. Hough reviews Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Café de Flore.’