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Paul Farrell

A Self-Induced Hallucination Movie Review - 2018 Jane Schoenbrun Film

IFFR 2019 Review: Jane Schoenbrun’s ‘A Self-Induced Hallucination’

“A thorough, engaging thesis that bridges physical and digital gaps both affirming and sinister, ‘A Self-Induced Hallucination’ is a witty, gripping compilation of collaborative creativity and sterile self-interest.”

London Film Festival 2018 Review: Carlos Vermut’s ‘Quién te cantará’

“‘Quién te cantará’ is a cold, mournful study of mothers and daughters living despite each other, filtered through a mystery with a popstar shaped hole at its centre.”

London Film Festival 2018 Review: Ben Wheatley’s ‘Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’

“This film will undoubtedly become a key text for critical essays and university studies on post-referendum British cinema…”

Suspiria Movie Review - 2018 Luca Guadagnino Film

London Film Festival 2018 Review: Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Suspiria’

“A swirling, tumbling vision of Cold War paranoia and coven politics, ‘Suspiria’ will both astound and baffle; the conflict that defines its muted streets, full of uneasy dreams and restless feet, will come to bear on its audience and their nightmares.”

Arrow Video FrightFest Review: Franck Ribière’s ‘The Most Assassinated Woman in the World’

“‘The Most Assassinated Woman in the World’ is not, by my estimation, a horror film, but a film about horror spectatorship; the joy of discomfort.”

Arrow Video FrightFest Review: Pascal Laugier’s ‘Incident in a Ghostland’

“Both characters are lazy, ugly sketches of deviancy, leaning on ableist and transphobic stereotypes in the place of characterisation.”

Arrow Video FrightFest Review: Ezequiel Endelman and Leandro Montejano’s ‘Crystal Eyes’

“A loving tribute to the days of switchblades and shoulder pads, ‘Crystal Eyes’ gives credence to the giallo genre through its tongue-in-cheek absurdity and commitment to the transitory styles that defined its later years.”