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D.M. Palmer

Tony Hancock - Hancock's Half Hour

Things Go Wrong: Tony Hancock’s Cinema of Despair

“The Hancock persona tapped into a uniquely British strain of malaise, which manifests itself in a fractious fatalism, a dread of impotence which finds its expression in outlandish displays of petulance, pettiness and pomposity.”

Western Movie Essay - Little Big Man

The Western Enters the 70s – Part 4: The Iconoclast’s Dilemma

“Faced with the death of its utopian hopes, the remnants of America’s counterculture split into two tendencies: the pastoral and the criminal. Its despondency was turned inwards and outwards; one side sought to build alternative structures in line with a higher authority, while the other strove to rearrange the wreckage of the existing order.”

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