Vaguebande: Three Steps to Figueres


I. Rolling Occidentals, Accidentally Plains

Subconscious Floating, Relaxed on a Name

Atop the Canyons, A Sign in Plain View

Faux Angels Laugh, Fuck All That You Knew


II. Barajas! Barajas! Bolaño and Blanes

A Savage Sleuth, A Vision Among Us

Cerebral Maps, Ticks Drowns the Fuss

A Dalí Wanderer, A Vague Wanderlust


III. Catalyst Strike, Reason Astray

Unearthly Impressions, Persistence at Bay

Allegiance Tomorrow, Convergence Today

Three Steps to Figueres, The Insufferable Way

Q.V. Hough (@qvhough) is a freelance writer and founder of Vague Visages. He lived in Hollywood, California from 2006 to 2012 and has bachelor degrees in Communication-Mass Media and History. He now resides in Fargo, North Dakota.

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