Papa’s Goods: The Jax Teller Survival Guide for ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Series Finale


It’s the final ride. Tonight, the 92nd and final episode of Sons of Anarchy airs on FX and will surely be one of the craziest productions ever. Written and directed by series creator Kurt Sutter, “Papa’s Goods” may end with the death Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller (as the trailer seemingly hints at) but don’t look too deeply into the graveyard images or the cover of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

I’ve already predicted that Jax will survive and believe Sons of Anarchy will end with the ghost of John Teller altering the fate of his son. Could “Papa’s Goods” reference the writings of Senior Teller or could it be something that Jax will leave for his boys? Whatever the case, numerous characters pose a threat to the SAMCRO leader and below is my theoretical survival guide for the finale.

Give Nero the Respect He Deserves 

Although Nero distanced himself from Gemma, he won’t be pleased with Jax’s shocking decision in the garden. In order to survive a potential Nero Ball of Fury, Jax must immediately approach his elder and explain what went down. For some reason, I think Jax might address the murder at a club meeting (with Nero in attendance), thus setting the stage for a one-one-one showdown later in the episode. Jax should make a conversation with Nero his first priority.

Don’t Underestimate the Intelligence of Young Abel

Jax’s son has already been through a lifetime of hurt, and it’s been proven that he’s acutely aware of his family’s misgivings. Although I don’t expect Abel to physically hurt Jax in any way, there’s always the possibility that something bizarre could go down. Despite being a relatively minor character, Abel is a central piece to the puzzle (John-Jax-Abel).

Investigate Potential Meetings with Other Chapters/Gangs

Jax admitted to killing Jury White (and made some type of deal?) but his warpath of vengeance certainly doesn’t reflect well on his club. Is it possible that someone from Indian Hills could take out Jax and his entire crew? Ok, maybe Kurt Sutter isn’t crazy enough to kill off everybody, but this scenario would create a Godfather-like dynamic (and a potential spinoff) with Abel seeking vengeance. Obviously, Jax’s numerous business associates are equally capable of completely removing SAMCRO from the equation.

Make Sure Chibs Keeps Sherrif Jarry in Check

Where has she been these last few episodes? Falling more in love with Chibs? Jarry could take down the entire club and cause physical harm if handled the wrong way.

Chucky! Don’t Forget About Chucky!

This guy LOVED Gemma and it would be a true Greek tragedy if Kurt Sutter ends Sons of Anarchy with the joker taking out the King.

Enjoy #TheFinalRide.

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