Min’s Primary Style: Lace and Jacket Tips

Need some fashion inspiration? 
I will be posting monthly “fashion boards,” which will show some inspiring patterns, colors, and clothing styles to intermix along with some helpful tips for both women and men.



Lace in all shades (navy, burgundy, olive green and black) can be chic when worn in a peplum top or dress form. These are Fall color selections that are wearable straight through winter, particularly the true blue navy lace accessories. The decision to wear dark forrest green more than the olive tones in winter could sparkle up any festive event.



A dark jacket is a must. If you are not keen on leather, try another fabric. Black and navy jackets are quite versatile and can dress up any outfit. You can layer them over your favorite flannel or wear it over a basic dark colored t-shirt. Shown in the picture above are some ideas on how to layer and select colors. Jackets such as these still show the sharp shoulder shapes that are ever so masculine, without being too “bulky.” Choose fabrics that feel good so you are comfortable in any of your clothes.

: A key thing to remember when putting together an outfit is that everything from your head to toes has shapes.
 Keep your clothing selections balanced with simple and clean lines and take into consideration your personal coloring. Are you a cool, warm or neutral? Coloring from your natural skin, eyes and hair can help determine the best shades for you to wear, as some will flatter you and others will simply make you looked washed out.

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