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Where Is My Mind?: The Leftovers ‘I Live Here Now’ (Recap)

“If this is the last hour we spend watching The Leftovers, then “I Live Here Now” is certainly a historic one that successfully doubles as both a season finale and a series finale.”

White Lines: The Leftovers ‘Ten Thirteen’ (Recap)

“One of the bright spots about Season Two is how The Leftovers has given each cast member their own episode to shine.”

Faith and Superstition: The Leftovers ‘Lens’ (Recap)

“I suppose it’s a testament to the quality of The Leftovers that a less than spectacular episode can feel like a letdown.”

The Book of Job: The Leftovers ‘No Room at the Inn’ (Recap)

“With The Leftovers being a show about faith and hope, and the desperation in holding onto such ideals, Matt deems Mary’s relapse into a comatose state as a test of his faith.”

No Miracles in Miracle: The Leftovers ‘Orange Sticker’ (Recap)

“Understandably, “Orange Sticker” sacrifices grand thematic focus in favor of pushing the story forward but still manages to meditate on a certain idea.”

Recap: The Leftovers ‘Axis Mundi’ and ‘A Matter of Geography’

“Damon Lindelof and company don’t need to give answers if they’re asking the right questions.”