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Rebecca Movie Film

Ben Wheatley’s ‘Rebecca’: There’s Nothing Behind the Wallpaper

“‘Rebecca’ feels sanded out, erased of all imperfection, identity and mystery.”

Rebecca - 1940 Film

The Gothic Splendour of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca’

“Rebecca’s greatness stems from its faithful approach to the Gothic roots of du Maurier’s novel, foregrounding all of the most important themes like repression of the past and marriages full of conflict.”

Get Out 2017 Movie - Film Essay

Could Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Break Horror’s Dry Spell at the Oscars?

“Art is a product of its time; is it Get Out’s fault that the time mostly resembles a horror production?”

The Feminine Grotesque #2: Mirror, Mirror – On Bette Davis in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’

A Series by Angelica Jade Bastién