Tag: Punk Rock

Album Review: Ty Segall ‘Fudge Sandwich’

“‘Fudge Sandwich’ is the kind of album that provides listeners with a new favorite track every day, no small feat for a collection of cover tunes.”

Ty Segall Goes Acoustic at Toronto’s Night Owl Festival

“As Segall’s self-assurance increased, so did his funny banter.”

Album Review: INVSN ‘The Beautiful Stories’

“INVSN may not make the music that flawed people deserve, but it’s definitely the music that we all need right now.”

Book Review: Jeff Gold’s ‘Total Chaos: The Story of The Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop‘

“‘Total Chaos’ is that rare thing: a good idea whose final product far eclipses its original premise.”

Punk Celebrates Its 40th Birthday with a Night at the Movies

“Relying heavily on the sheer talent of its leading performers, and the loud boisterousness of the music that defined an era, Alex Cox’s ode to punk is pure Anarchy in the UK.”