Tag: Post-Punk

Album Review: The Soft Moon ‘Criminal’

“While The Soft Moon has always released music that could best be described as ‘none more bleak,’ with ‘Criminal,’ there seems to be something like acceptance. Maybe that’s the bleakest timeline of all.”

Album Review: Melkbelly ‘Nothing Valley’

“Melkbelly is hard to pin down; their songs flaunt a flagrant disregard for what many would consider indie rock or punk or post-punk.”

Album Review: INVSN ‘The Beautiful Stories’

“INVSN may not make the music that flawed people deserve, but it’s definitely the music that we all need right now.”

EP Review: Ultrviolence ‘Forty Knives’

“Throughout ‘Forty Knives,’ Jespersen’s voice betrays his emotions and listening to him sing often feels like sneaking peeks at his diary.”