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Arrow Video FrightFest Review: Pascal Laugier’s ‘Incident in a Ghostland’

“Both characters are lazy, ugly sketches of deviancy, leaning on ableist and transphobic stereotypes in the place of characterisation.”

Review: Philip Gelatt’s ‘They Remain’

“Suspense and tension aren’t strictly necessary to this kind of Lovecraftian horror, but even so, the film suffocates under the weight of its own portentousness.”

Vague Visages Writers’ Room: Favorite Halloween Movies

In the Vague Visages Writers’ Room on Facebook, freelancers were asked to comment about their favorite Halloween flicks.

Low-Budget and Lurid: Inside the Macabre Cinematic Universe of Roger Corman’s Poe Cycle

“To watch Roger Corman’s Poe movies is to visit a mythic dreamscape where the boundaries between life and death are permeable.”

Devious Dialogues: Mike Thorn and Anya Stanley on Stephen King’s ‘It’

“It’s a good year to be a Constant Reader.”

Devious Dialogues: Anya Stanley and Mike Thorn on the ‘Alien’ Franchise

Devious Dialogues: A Horror-Themed Column by A.M. Novak and Mike Thorn

Book Review: Gender and Genre in Aaron J. French’s ‘Festival’

“On the levels of craft and form, this is undoubtedly the work of a skilled writer.”