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London Film Festival Review: Léonor Serraille’s ‘Jeune femme’

“Dare I say it, but ‘Jeune Femme’ is as ripe for an American remake as any film I’ve seen on this year’s festival circuit.”

DIFF 2017 Review: Noël Wells’ ‘Mr. Roosevelt’

“Despite its over-moralizing and trite narrative, the film’s sweetness and Noël Wells’ promise make ‘Mr. Roosevelt’ a comedy worth spending 90 minutes with.”

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl Essay - 2016 Movie

DIFF 2017 Reviews: ‘Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl’ and ‘Los Presentes’

“The ambition and concept are good to have, it just takes a lot more work to match the craft and care of Bergman, Altman or Lynch.”

DIFF 2017 Review: Peter Bratt’s ‘Dolores’

“In a time such as ours, ‘Dolores’ delivers a vision of community organization and social flourishment that can usher in a new reality for America’s masses.”