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True/False 2018 Review: Khalik Allah’s ‘Black Mother’

“Even if you do not believe in the soul, the film makes it impossible to deny the soul of a country, that which births us, grooms us, and to which we add as we live and die inside it.”

True/False 2018 Review: Beata Bubenec’s ‘Flight of a Bullet’

“Formally electrifying and ethically discomfiting at the same time, ‘Flight of a Bullet’ is a movie one could just as easily gawk at in wonder or endlessly debate over.”

2018 Oscar-Nominated Short Reviews: Best Live Action Short Film and Best Documentary (Short Subject)

“While nearly all Oscar-nominated shorts are doomed to eventual obscurity whether they win or not, that’s the key to one’s artistic staying power.”

Sundance Film Festival Review: Josephine Decker’s ‘Madeline’s Madeline’

“At the risk of succumbing to the Sundance hype atmosphere, writer/director Josephine Decker may be offering a new form of altered cinematic consciousness with ‘Madeline’s Madeline.’”