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50s Hollywood Essay - Sunset Blvd.

Hollywood Confronts Itself: Cynicism and Self-Doubt in the 50s

“A sense of restlessness began to be addressed tentatively, and was confronted with increasing boldness as the decade progressed. Battles were being waged on multiple fronts of this unacknowledged war, claims were being sought from historically neglected constituents.”

The Aesthetic and Formal Challenges of Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Contempt’

“‘Contempt’ is a daunting and formally labyrinthine work, calling its own fallibility to question even as it submits completely to the romance of cinema.”

Modern Times Movie Essay - 1936 Charlie Chaplin Film

‘Modern Times’: Charlie Chaplin Finds Freedom in the Age of Industry

“‘Modern Times’ is emblematic of a ‘Hollywood realism,’ with a rather immaculate industrial setting, strategically tattered clothing and deliberately designed destitution.”