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In Praise of ‘Krampus’: Celebrating the Pinnacle Anti-Christmas Film

“‘Krampus’ is the pinnacle anti-Christmas movie in the way it thrives on the sheer awfulness of the holiday. It is ugly, it is unpleasant, and it is still utterly festive in the fact that it embraces the nature of the season as it has always been.”

Review: Max Winkler’s ‘Flower’

“The story feints towards transgressive ideas but lacks the commitment for maximum impact.”

CIFF After Dark Review: Patrick Brice’s ‘Creep 2’

“Horror fans may need to adjust their expectations if they’re looking for more frights than laughs.”

Like Its Characters’ Christmas Plans, ‘Krampus’ Is More Fun in Concept Than Execution

“As it is, it’s like a stocking crammed with too many little bits and bobs that came to mind for the stocking-stuffer, ultimately pleasing no one like one or two well-considered big gifts would have.”

VOD Review: ‘The Overnight’ Is a Sincere Sex Farce

“The Buñuelian meets the Duplassian in The Overnight, a chamber comedy of social and sexual manners from director Patrick Brice (2014’s Creep).”

Alison Brie Shines in ‘Sleeping with Other People’

“Headland’s screenplay fires a couple of blanks, which serves to only highlight some of the more token traditional rom-com tropes still on offer here. That said, when Sleeping with Other People does hit — which is a lot of the time — it’s an invigorating spicing up of formula; a winning balance of hedonism and heart that’s unapologetic about either quality.”