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2018 Vague Visages Photo Essays

Rodrigo y Gabriela at Minneapolis' State Theatre - Photo Essay

Photo Essay by Andy Witchger: Rodrigo y Gabriela at Minneapolis’ State Theatre

“During Rodrigo y Gabriela’s recent show at Minneapolis’ State Theatre, “Echoes” fell smack in the middle of their set, creating a sense of space that heightened the immediacy of the surrounding original tracks.”

Jim James at First Avenue in Minneapolis - Photo Essay

Photo Essay by Andy Witchger: Jim James at Minneapolis’ First Avenue

“Jim James’s third solo album, ‘Uniform Distortion,’ is a return to his musical roots. After two releases of pulsating psychedelia channeling the darker realities of modern existence, James recaptures the restless exuberance of early My Morning Jacket. That’s not to say James has turned a blind eye to the world around him.”

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