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Evan Amaral

Out Among the Stars: Warren Beatty Reflects on Revolution in ‘Reds’

“Just as Reed’s real-life contemporaries reflect on the revolutionary ideals of their era in ‘Reds,’ Beatty bears witness to his own, staring down a massive canvas of his contemporaries’ successes and failures, the romance of their innovations and the exclusionary nature of their excess.”

Someone Else’s War: A Reckoning with Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’

“Movies aren’t proverbs — their morals are questionable, their questions are impossible to answer. This is the case for good films, at least.”

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes: Fashioning the Love Triangle in ‘The Philadelphia Story’

“‘The Philadelphia Story’ situated itself at a turning point in 20th century history, between the destitution of the Great Depression and the destruction of World War II (along with the following boom). It’s in this moment, one of not knowing where America would end up next, that the film exists…”

Vague Visages Is Filmstruck: Evan Amaral on Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin’s ‘Chronicle of a Summer’

“If cinema and the internet age have taught us anything, it’s that an explicit truth does not exist. We all perform for a number of lenses, whether they be a film camera or a Twitter account.”