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Arun A.K.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan Essay - Unmadiyude Maranam

Dissecting Toxic Masculinity in Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Cinema

“With contemporary independent filmmakers like Sanal Kumar Sasidharan and his lot who stay true to their singular vision and distinctive voice, the rising new wave of Indian cinema looks set to grow bigger and stronger in the near future.”

Mani Kaul - Ashad Ka Ek Din (One Day Before the Rainy Season)

The Endless Yearning in Mani Kaul’s ‘Ashad Ka Ek Din’

“Fifty years since its release, ‘Ashad Ka Ek Din’ holds on to its Bressonian and austere power.”

The Disciple Movie Film - Netflix

The Metaphorical and Elusive Camera of ‘The Disciple’

“‘The Disciple’ can be highly rewarding if one notices and appreciates its technical brilliance. Criticizing the film for its slow pace and aloof camerawork is akin to labeling classical music as boring and tedious.”

The Disciple Movie Film - Netflix

Review: Chaitanya Tamhane’s ‘The Disciple’

“Without being judgmental, ‘The Disciple’ succeeds in questioning the age-old notion of sacrifice as a means to attaining higher goals.”

Volver Movie Film

Strength, Solidarity and Grace: Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Volver’ Is an Ode to Womanhood

“Pedro Almodóvar adores women, and he’s a champion of feminism. In no other film is the Spanish filmmaker’s reverence for the female gender more evident than in the 2006 drama ‘Volver.'”