Min’s Primary Style: Statement Necklaces

Vague Visages Australian fashionista Mindy Smith is back to serve up a few tips!

“Constructing yourself a gorgeous Necklace while expressing your personal style.”

D.I.Y. Statement Necklaces


There are several ways to make extremely gorgeous and completely original statement piece. You will need patience, creativity and a trip to the craft shop, and you will also need broken necklaces, bracelets, broaches earrings along with a few beads. With all of these items, you may create beautiful statement necklaces with your design. Many of us money conscious/limited fund women always appreciate a good DIY (do-it-yourself).

The beauty of statement necklaces is that you can wear any solid/simple outfit and make it work to looked dressed up (or down) while enhancing your style. Just pair your outfits with your originally created statement necklace. For example, if you have a basic black pant and top, pair it with a big bling statement necklace and you will be ready for a night on the town. During the day, you could have have a bright artsy necklace. Basically, statement necklaces can change your outfit instantly.

If there is one thing I have learned about clothes, the more simple your wardrobe the more functional and easier it will be for you to mix it up or dress it down (and up).

Statement earrings can do the same thing to instantly intensify an outfit.

-Mindy Smith


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