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In Praise of ‘Krampus’: Celebrating the Pinnacle Anti-Christmas Film

“‘Krampus’ is the pinnacle anti-Christmas movie in the way it thrives on the sheer awfulness of the holiday. It is ugly, it is unpleasant, and it is still utterly festive in the fact that it embraces the nature of the season as it has always been.”

Ari Aster Essay - Hereditary

Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’: Hollow Horror

“What’s truly terrifying about ‘Hereditary’ is how empty it really is.”

Like Its Characters’ Christmas Plans, ‘Krampus’ Is More Fun in Concept Than Execution

“As it is, it’s like a stocking crammed with too many little bits and bobs that came to mind for the stocking-stuffer, ultimately pleasing no one like one or two well-considered big gifts would have.”