RIDM 2016 Review: Atsushi Funahashi’s ‘Raise Your Arms and Twist – Documentary of NMB48’

“Focusing on a group from Osaka rather than Tokyo unveils a more nuanced reality of the industry, offering a look from the outside.”

RIDM 2016 Review: Nele Wohlatz’s ‘El futuro perfecto’

“As we take for granted the ease of our own native tongue, we are perhaps ignoring its full potential.”

RIDM 2016 Review: Mehrdad Oskouei’s ‘Starless Dreams’

“In some ways, Oskouei’s involvement can be construed as invasive, but it feels integral.”

RIDM 2016 Review: Claire Simon’s ‘Le concours’

“What makes someone a great artist before they’ve made any great works of art? That becomes the central question and object of scrutiny at the heart of ‘Le concours,’ making it one of the most compelling examinations of auteur driven cinema.”

RIDM 2016 Review: Patric Chiha’s ‘Brothers of the Night’

“‘Brothers of the Night’ takes an unexpected approach and reveals hidden parts of life amongst Bulgarian male hustlers in Vienna.”

RIDM 2015: ‘Red Hollywood’ (1996) – Another Masterwork From Thom Andersen

“Currently being honoured with a retrospective at the RIDM, Andersen’s cool and measured voice emerges as a through-line in his career.”

RIDM 2015: ‘My Love, Don’t Cross That River’ (Jin Mo-young, 2015)

“My Love, Don’t Cross That River, a documentary about a Korean couple who have been together for 75 years, achieves cinema’s full potential as a medium of poetry.”