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Yourself and Yours Movie Essay - 2016 Hong Sang-soo Film

Uneasy Recognition: On Hong Sang-soo’s ‘Yourself and Yours’

“‘Yourself and Yours’ is a great summer movie, where the over-lit qualities reflect a state of mind more than an exact reality.”

The Woman Who Ran 2020 Movie - Film Review

Berlinale 2020 Review: Hong Sang-soo’s ‘The Woman Who Ran’

“Hong Sang-soo’s cinematic apparatus might seem limited to some, but it’s in the endless repetition of the same movements that perfection is achieved.”

The Return of ‘Twin Peaks’ and the Pleasures of a Myopic Anomaly

“I felt challenged to endure something so terrifying, so relentlessly destabilizing. I felt fear.”

Locarno 2015: ‘Right Now, Wrong Then’ (Hong Sang-Soo, 2015)

“Even seasoned film writers struggle to put into words the enduring appeal of Hong Sang-Soo.”