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Where Is My Mind?: The Leftovers ‘I Live Here Now’ (Recap)

“If this is the last hour we spend watching The Leftovers, then “I Live Here Now” is certainly a historic one that successfully doubles as both a season finale and a series finale.”

White Lines: The Leftovers ‘Ten Thirteen’ (Recap)

“One of the bright spots about Season Two is how The Leftovers has given each cast member their own episode to shine.”

Death Is the Road to Awe: The Leftovers ‘A Most Powerful Adversary’ (Recap)

“On Lost, cliffhanger endings were simply a part of the storytelling structure. For The Leftovers, “A Most Powerful Adversary” is perhaps the episode that bares the most striking resemblance to Lost given the dooming conclusion.”

Recap: The Leftovers ‘Off Ramp’ (Who Wants a Hug?)

“On The Leftovers, returning to your old self isn’t as easy as going from Point A to Point B, it’s a constant struggle and effort.”