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LCD Soundsystem Essay - Band Legacy

The Enduring Legacy of LCD Soundsystem

“LCD Soundsystem’s enduring legacy has always perhaps been inevitable, not least because of the way that they make music ABOUT legacy, thematically and lyrically.”

Right Hand Ladies: FEUD ‘More, or Less’ (Recap)

“The American Dream is alive and well in ‘Feud,’ though it may be buried deep below the surface of in-fighting, old rules and men that can’t see the tide rolling in.”

We Failed This Film: Jesse Moss’ ‘The Overnighters’ (2014)

A Series by Dylan Moses Griffin

In a Lonely Place Movie Essay - 1950 Nicholas Ray Film

More Than Shadows #1: Series Introduction

“There will be unrequited love and monstrous desires amongst these essays.”

The Inescapable Fever Dream of John Schlesinger’s ‘Midnight Cowboy’

“We dream, we fantasize, and we are haunted by that we cannot change. We are desperate to reinvent ourselves, and we always think some other place will be better.”