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Promare 2019 Movie - Film Essay

‘Promare’ Perfects the Escapist Movie Experience

“‘Promare’ offers an electrifying amount of fun, and it’s perhaps one of the finest examples of escapist cinema during the COVID-19 era.”

Chungking Express Movie Essay - 1994 Wong Kar-Wai Film

Celebrating Small Moments in ‘Chungking Express’

“The small character gestures in ‘Chungking Express’ give the film its soul, but the spark comes from the act of being seen at all.”

But I'm a Cheerleader Movie Film

‘But I’m a Cheerleader’: Celebrating 20 Years of Style and Sincerity

“In cinema, it’s tough to depict sincerity without it coming across as contrived or sickly-sweet, but it’s a feeling that myself and many others yearn for, especially when it comes together as beautifully as it does in ‘But I’m a Cheerleader.'”

Millennium Actress 2001 Movie - Film Essay

‘Millennium Actress’ and the Legacy of Satoshi Kon

“No matter what one pulls from Kon’s work, there’s no denying his lasting impact and innate ability to immediately render a viewer speechless.”