Write for Vague Visages

Vague Visages aims to publish high-quality writing about world cinema and culture. The site maintains a balance of indie and mainstream coverage, allowing for a unique blend of perspectives. Since 2014, Vague Visages has operated with a $350/month budget and a one-person staff. In May 2020, a subscription platform was introduced to cover monthly costs and to continuously expand the site.

ESSAY PITCHES: Please send two or three paragraphs (and a proposed title) to Q.V. Hough at qvh@vaguevisages.com, along with writing samples and social media links.

PAYMENTS: Accepted submissions are paid $20 USD. Regular contributors are frequently commissioned for $30 USD. To keep the payment process streamlined, Vague Visages requests that contributors send invoices via PayPal. As of 2020, payments are made directly after publication (if an invoice has been received). All contributors receive a free subscription. Read more about Vague Visages HERE.

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