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NBA Fanduel: High Ceiling Core for 2-3-19

For today's three-game slate (1 EST/12 CST), I want to target the matchup with the highest projected total: Oklahoma City vs. Boston. This game also has a 3.50 line, so I can expect that it'll stay close, and that the main players will be in at the end.

On FanDuel, you only get one C selection, and the most logical play seems to be Boston's Al Horford. At 8k, though, he's just a little too high-priced, and I'm not sure that he'll 5x and get me the 40 FD points I'm looking for. Since Oklahoma City's C Steven Adams is priced at 7.1k and has been consistently putting up around 30-35 points, he's also a logical play but not a great high ceiling play. So, I'm going to look down to Oklahoma City's Nerlens Noel at 4.5k. When he gets the minutes, Noel can put up big numbers, and I like his history against Boston. Today, I can expect him to 6x off the bench and get me around 25 FD points or more. His ownership percentage will be lower, too. For a sneaky play, I'd look at New York's Joakim Noah off the bench.

Typically, I like to pair my C with a PG from the same team. However, I'm not confident that Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook will 5x at 11.7k. So, I'm going down to Boston's Kyrie Irving at 10.4k for two reasons: (1) lower ownership (2) higher ceiling. I can expect at least 50 from Irving today and possibly 60. So, he's a solid high ceiling play.

At small forward, New York's Kevin Knox is a must play at 5.1k. He's proven himself to be a high ceiling player thus far, and he'll get more minutes since the Knicks just traded Porzingis to Dallas.

CANCEL THIS PLAY (Caboclo Starting): In that same game, I'm going for a cheap play at PG: Memphis' Jevon Carter at the minimum 3.5k. If he bombs, I can drop my lowest score on FanDuel, so he won't ruin my lineup. Today, he'll get plenty of minutes, and I can expect him to easily 6x.

With this core, I have an average of 7.3k to spend on the remaining slots.

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Cancel Jevon Carter! His project just dropped for some reason.

Here's what happened with my February 3 high ceiling lineup on FD:

Because Jevon Carter's projection dropped just minutes before lock (Bruno Caboclo starting), I pivoted up to Russell Westbrook and used Caboclo as a value punt at SF. Unfortunately, that didn't work out too well, although I was able to drop that score.

As for the core, Noel's 13.4 points prevented me from cashing, as that's just not good enough at the C position. And since Knox didn't exactly kill it with 20.4 points, I needed players like Irving, Westbrook and Williams to pick up the slack. In a single entry lineup (my preferred way to go), I likely would've cashed. But in a tournament with over 50,000 entries, I needed more consistency across the board. With that said, I did finish in the top 25% - but NO CASH! I fared a little bit yesterday (will make separate post).

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