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NBA FanDuel/DraftKings Core 2-25-19

After a DFS break, I'm back tonight on both FanDuel and DraftKings for the NBA's 11-game slate. Last week, I consistently cashed in GPP contests for the NBA, NHL and college basketball. #FireWithFire

Tonight, my core applies to both FanDuel and DraftKings:

At PG, I'm taking Phoenix's Elfrid Payton for a value play. On DK, he's quite cheap at 4.8k, and I'll be looking for a 6x performance. On FD - where 5x is key - he's still reasonably priced at 5.7k. After being out for two weeks, Payton has surpassed projections in his first two games back. He's a high upside player who should get the minutes.

At SG, Houston's Eric Gordon is just too cheap. He's also a high upside guy who will get 30-35 minutes and won't wreck your lineup. Like Payton, he's priced higher on FanDuel, but that's fine considering that the Houston/Atlanta game has a projected game total of 234. With Payton, I'll a take 5x performance on FD and 6x on DK.

At PF, Philadelphia's Tobias Harris is priced appropriately. He's a low floor player that can take over a game. Meaning, he's consistent with high upside. And if New Orleans/Philly stays close with its 240 game total (!), I've got Payton on the other side to "run it back."

At C, Miami's Hassan Whiteside is always a gamble. He's got a reputation for being unpredictable, but he's been consistent on the court in 2019, even though his minutes have fluctuated. On both FD and FK, Whiteside is reasonably priced and can break a slate with his upside. In a fast-paced matchup against Philly, I don't anticipate a lackluster performance, and the ownership percentage will be low.

With a Payton-Gordon-Harris-Whiteside core, I have plenty to spend elsewhere. Most likely, I'll pay up and pay down.

Feel free to use my core, and let me know how you do. Also, don't forget to roster a late night hammer! I suggest Patrick Beverley at PG. #FireWithFire

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Last night, a late-night hammer play saved me. If you read my original post, then you know that I teased the Los Angeles Clippers' Patrick Beverley as a core play at PG. Shortly before lock, I moved him into my four-man core after learning that Houston's Eric Gordon wouldn't start.  It proved to be a HUGE play on DK, one that helped me double-up and cash in a GPP. Unfortunately, I made some last-minute swaps on FanDuel that didn't include Beverley. On DK, only 1.2% of the field played him; an ideal late-night hammer aka someone who boosts an already strong lineup.

Here's a breakdown of my core (on DK, I'm always looking for a 6x performance):

At 4.8k, Elfrid Payton delivered a 8.0x performance at 7.9% ownership. YES.

At 4.6k, Patrick Beverley delivered a 9.8x performance at 1.2% ownership. OMG, YES.

At 6.8k, Tobias Harris delivered a 7.6x performance at 21.0%. BELIEVE THAT.

At 6.6k, Hassan Whiteside delivered a 7.5x performance at 13.0%. YESSIR.

So, the core balled out across the board and surpassed expectations. I wish I hadn't replaced Kelly Olynyk and Tyus Jones with Eric Bledsoe and Ersan Ilysova - but, as a wise man once said, the game is the game. #FireWithFire


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