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NBA Fanduel: 2-4-19 Summary

Monday's six-game NBA slate was right in my wheelhouse, as it's not hard to identify strong players with significantly low-ownership projections. It's a little different with a 10-game slate where there's more variance.

For DFS assistance, I use the LineStar app to see which players will likely be the most popular, and which will go under-owned.

At PG, I felt that Eric Bledsoe was a must-play at 7.3, and I knew that a game-time decision tag would scare people off. In a single entry tourney with almost 3,000 entrants, I got him at 1.6%, which is how you win a GPP. Or at least that's step one. I paired him with a high salary/high ceiling teammate in Giannis Antetokounmpo, along with Brook Lopez at C (who was relatively low-owned at 10.9%). In addition, I also wanted Chris Paul at PG, since his 7.3 salary made a 5x performance attainable at with low-ownership (Harden's popularity, Paul coming back from injury). With 39 FanDuel points, he nearly gave me a 6x performance, and with relatively low-ownership at 13.5%.

Sacramento's Marvin Bagley was part of my core lineup, as I felt confident about his 6.2 salary and a 6x performance. With 56.4 FanDuel points, he gave me a 9x performance and helped propel me past the cash line.

Overall, I doubled my $5 entry and finished 252nd out of 2,857. With a little more help from my other plays beyond the Milwaukee stack, I could've quickly escalated into that big money realm. Next time. 🙂

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