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FanDuel NBA Core 2-7-19

Now that the NBA trade deadline has passed, here are my thoughts on tonight's six-game NBA FanDuel slate.

The sexy game will be the Los Angeles Lakers at the Boston Celtics (227 projected total, -8.50 spread). I DO want a piece or two of this game, but I won't be paying up for LeBron James or Kyrie Irving. Tonight, the money spot is the game after - Portland vs. San Antonio (226 projected total, -6 spread), which just so happens to be the only game at 9:30 CST. This is where you find your late-night hammers; quality players who go low-owned because the average DFS rube likes to watch their points accumulate RIGHT AWAY. In general, I usually want at least one late-night hammer; a player who pushes me past the FanDuel GPP competition. But how do I get there?

Tonight, a Portland stack makes perfect sense. But there's a catch...

At C, Jusuf Nurkic is always a great high ceiling play, though his 8.7k price tag is just too high. In general, I'm always looking for a 5x performance on FanDuel, and I don't see Nurkic posting 44 FanDuel points tonight. As a pivot, I'll grab a piece of the Lakers-Celtics game by rostering Al Horford at 7.5k. Since January 26, he's outperformed his projection six consecutive times! He's just too cheap, and I can expect him to 5x. At the C position on FanDuel (only one slot available), I want a reliable player with decent upside.

At PG, I'm going to pivot from Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and Boston's Kyrie Irving, both of whom will be popular plays. They won't be 50% owned - and I wouldn't necessarily FADE them if you have multiple lineups - but I'm going to focus on Portland's Damian Lillard at 9.6k. For one, he'll be around 10-15% owned and has outperformed his projections in two games against San Antonio this season. I'm looking for a 50 spot. That will most likely happen tonight.

At SG, I'll pair Lillard with his Portland teammate C.J. McCollum - ANOTHER late-night hammer. At 7.5k, McCollum is too cheap. Since January 16, he's been incredibly consistent, and he's outperformed FanDuel projections in each of his last three games.

To complement Lillard at the other PG spot, I'm going with the Los Angeles Clippers' Patrick Beverley. At 5.k, I expect him to at least 5x, as the Clips have traded away several players in the past day. I'll even take a 4x performance and try to get more points elsewhere. Beverley is a strong play because he's got a high ceiling upside of 40-45, and he'll most likely be around 10-15% owned.

With a Lillard-Beverley-McCollum-Horford core, I still have an average of 6.1k to use on each of the remaining slots.

If you like my NBA FanDuel core, feel free to use it! And let me know how you do. Remember to pay attention before the slate begins at 7/6c. I recommend watching Awesemo's live before lock show on YouTube (6/5c).



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UPDATE: Last night, I placed 1,505th out of 16,991 entrants in the Thursday NBA Block $3 Single Entry Series. So, my core has now cashed three days in a row. Here's a breakdown of my four main players:

At 9.6k, Damian Lillard delivered a 5.5x performance at 19.0% ownership. LATE NIGHT HAMMER!

At 5.1k, Patrick Beverley delivered a 5x performance at 9.7% ownership. SOLID.

At 7.5k, C.J. McCollum delivered a 7.4x performance at 13.6%. LATE NIGHT HAMMER, BABY!

At 7.5k, Al Horford delivered a 3.7x performance at 12.0%. SAD TROMBONE.

Shortly before lock, I used my LineStar app for an optimized PPG lineup. Along with my core, I included a punt play (Motley at the 3.5k minimum) and let LineStar take it from there. Though I didn't originally intend to play LeBron James, I liked what LineStar gave me, and it turned out well.

Tonight, I'll be playing both FanDuel/DraftKings, and will have one cash (double-up) lineup for each (along with a GPP lineup).

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