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FanDuel NBA Core 2-8-19

Tonight, there are many solid NBA games to target. The 7/6c Denver-Philly game looks tasty with its 230 projected total and 4.5 spread, along with the late-night hammer game between Miami and Philadelphia (218.5 projected total, 3.50 spread). For this eight-game Friday slate, I don't want to get too cute on FanDuel, and I'll be rocking a balanced GPP lineup that I can also run as a double-up (cash game) lineup.

Milwaukee's PG Eric Bledsoe is still too cheap at 7.8k. At that price, I'll be happy with a 40 spot, and Bledsoe has reached that in the past four games. This play is about reliability, high upside and ownership percentage. Right now, Milwaukee is hot, which brings me to the C position.

I'm going to pair Bledsoe with Brook Lopez at C. With his 5.4k price tag, Lopez won't screw my lineup with a bad performance, and he also has 40 point upside. Here's the thing, though: Lopez has only played 22 minutes in each of the past two games. That may be due to trade deadline drama, so... now that everything has stabilized, I feel comfortable rostering him tonight. I'm looking for 30 minutes and a 6x performance. That's not unreasonable. In fact, it's likely.

Back at PG, Chicago's Kris Dunn feels like a must-play. For one, Zach LaVine is still questionable, and Dunn's 7.1k price means that he needs 42 for a 6x performance. That's not a guarantee by any means, but he did post 41 last game against New Orleans. Tonight, with a high usage rate, I can expect Dunn to 6x if LaVine doesn't play.

At SG, Sacramento's Buddy Hield is my late-night hammer. At 6.5x, he's in position to 6x, and he'll be low-owned for sure. Earlier this year, Hield posted 46 FanDuel points against Miami in 36 minutes. That's a good sign, and he's got 50 upside potential.

With a Bledsoe-Dunn-Hield-Lopez core, I still have an average of 6.6k to use on the remaining slots. Not only does this feel like a good GPP core, it's a also a solid cash game core.

Good luck! And for what it's worth, I'm also going to roll out this core on DraftKings (GPP and double-up) since the prices are similar, aside from Bledsoe, who is 1.1k CHEAPER!!!

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UPDATE: Well, the cash streak has ended. My core didn't completely fail me, but I missed the cash line by less than eight points, so I essentially needed Milwaukee's Eric Bledsoe (core) and Detroit's Blake Griffin to reach value. They didn't, so no money.

At PG, I should've followed my instincts and rostered Denver's Jamal Murray at 6.7k.  He ended up with a 6x performance. I also strayed from my preferred method by rostering a punt play at 3.5k. In general, I usually take a more balanced approach. Here's the core breakdown:

At 7.8k, Eric Bledsoe delivered a 3.9x performance at 32.5.% ownership. LOW SCORE, HIGH OWNERSHIP.

At 7.1k, Kris Dunn delivered a 4.7 performance at 8.6% ownership. NEED A 5X.

At 6.5k, Buddy Hield delivered a 5.7x performance at 10.5%. ON POINT.

At 5.4k, Brook Lopez delivered a 5.8x performance at 3.5%. ON POINT.

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