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FanDuel NBA Core 2-14-19

For tonight's three-game NBA slate, I'm going to play the $5 single entry tourney on FanDuel. It's the last group of games before the All-Star break, and there's no need to go crazy with multiple entries.

At first glance, I like the projected 238 total between Oklahoma City and New Orleans, along with the -4.5 spread. Also, I'll say this: go ahead and roster Russell Westbrook at 12.4k or Paul George at 12.k. They can easily break the slate, and they're always fun to watch.

Here's the thing, though: roster construction is critical for DFS. Meaning, I don't doubt that Westbrook and George won't ball out, but will they deliver a 5x or 6x performance? That's what I'm looking for. And when I run early projection models, it doesn't seem like I absolutely need the big stars. Instead, I'm going to immediately separate myself from the competition by FADING Westbrook, George and Anthony Davis (who I don't trust at this point in the season).

At PG, Atlanta's Trae Young will be popular but saves me money at 8.4k. Also, I believe that he can 6x tonight. In fact, he put up 50 FanDuel points two days ago. That's what I want. No Russ, no problem.

At SG, I'll take a piece of that OKC/NO game by rostering Jrue Holiday at 9.0k. I'm a little concerned about his minutes and recent performances, but he typically has a low floor.

At SF, I'm going back to the well with Orlando's Jonathan Isaac at 6.8k. Here's why: he's outperformed his FanDuel projections in each of the last nine games. No George, no problem.

At C, I'll take Charlotte's Cody Zeller. He'll be incredibly low owned at 5.8k, and he's outperformed his FanDuel projection in each of the last four games since returning from injury. He won't drop 50, but he'll give me a 5x floor performance.

With a Young-Holiday-Isaac-Zeller core, I still have an average of 6k to spend on the remaining slots. I want consistency across the board; players that will perform efficiently but won't have ridiculous ownership percentages. Good luck! And feel free to use my core. Let's get it. #FireWithFire

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UPDATE: Last night, on a three-game NBA slate, I faded Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Anthony Davis. Still, I managed to cash and finished 431st out of 2,857 entrants. #FireWithFire

While I expected Westbrook to score another triple double, I didn't expect him to post a season-high 81 FanDuel points. I'll take some double-up coin, though. 🙂

Here's a breakdown of my core (I'm always looking for a 5x to 6x performance):

At 8.4k, Trae Young delivered a 5.1x performance at 33.6% ownership. SOLID.

At 9.0k, Jrue Holiday delivered a 6.8x performance at 15.8% ownership. BEYOND IDEAL.

At 6.8k, Jonathan Isaac delivered a 4.1x performance at 25.9%. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

At 5.8k, Cody Zeller delivered a 5.5x performance at 8.8%. IDEAL.

There are no more regular season NBA games until next Thursday. Enjoy All-Star weekend!

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