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FanDuel NBA Core 2-12-19

First, I'd like to announce that Game of Thrones' Daenerys is the inspiration for my new DFS tagline: #FireWithFire. On both FanDuel and DraftKings, I use outlier methods to defeat DFS dragons (otherwise known as "sharks").

For tonight's five-game NBA slate, it's important to remember that many players are preparing for the All-Star break this weekend. They may give the same effort, but coaches may feel inclined to set a minutes limitation. This is why I'm going to fade the Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant, someone who I really do want to play at SF on FanDuel. I'm just not convinced that he's going to 5x at 9.9k.

With that said, I'm going to target the up-and-comers tonight; players with something to prove. If you follow then the NBA, then you already know that Utah's C, Rudy Gobert, actually cried during a recent on-camera interview while speaking about his All-Star snub. Tonight, Gobert is my late-night hammer, as he'll be playing in the last game against the best team in the league, the Golden State Warriors.

To be honest, I'm not worried about Gobert's ownership percentage. For the entirety of 2019, Gobert has consistently outperformed his LineStar FanDuel projections. At 9k, I can expect a 5x performance, and possibly much more. Gobert is a high ceiling player. Plus, he immediately sets me apart from the competition on FanDuel at the C position.

As SF, I'll take Orlando's Jonathan Isaac at 6.4k and the L.A. Lakers' Brandon Ingram at 6.2k. Many DFS rubes will feel inclined to roster Durant or the Lakers' LeBron James at SF, so I'm going to fly under the radar with two high ceiling players, both of whom will get around 30 minutes. Ingram is perhaps the riskier play, but I'm good as long as he hits around 35 FanDuel points. The same goes for Isaac.

At PF, I have a feeling that Philadelphia's new acquisition, Tobias Harris, will be a popular play, but I don't care. He's just too cheap at 7.2k. This is a guy that can hit 55-60 and propel you into the Top 100 of a GPP. He's a high-floor player that hits 30-35 each and every night.

Let's get it! #FireWithFire


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UPDATE: Yesterday, I experienced what's commonly known as a "DFS ass-kicking." For most of the night, I was talking movies with my Dad, and then realized that most of my core plays were de-railing in real-time. Cool! Even Anthony Davis had a terrible night, FFS.

Yes, Winter Is Coming. In fact, winter has arrived, and most NBA players seem to be preparing for the All-Star break. In other words, none of this was my fault. 🙂 Here's a breakdown of my awful, awful core:

At 6.4k, Jonathan Isaac delivered a 5.9x performance at 17.7% ownership. YESSIR.

At 6.2k, Brandon Ingram delivered a 4.3x performance at 17.9% ownership. BRUH...

At 7.2k, Tobias Harris delivered a 3.0x performance at 12.0%. WAIT, WHAT???

At 9.0k, Rudy Gobert delivered a 3.7x performance at 8.4%. RUDY, RUDY, RUDY.

Overall, I liked the ownership percentages. The core just didn't come through. Well, there's an 11-game NBA slate tonight, so I guess I'll try again on FanDuel? #FireWithFire

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